ALLY® Adaptive Cataract Treatment System

ALLY is the first platform to combine advanced imaging and optimized femtosecond laser technologies into one compact system for cataract surgery. ALLY is designed to complete the entire cataract surgery procedure in a single, sterile setting, reducing the overall time and improving the experience for the
patient and surgeon. In addition to improved efficiencies, ALLY’s proprietary features are enabling surgeons to deliver improved visual outcomes. ALLY takes laser cataract surgery to a whole new level.

The Benefits of ALLY® Adaptive Cataract Treatment System

  1. Precision: The LENSAR ALLY laser utilizes advanced imaging technology to create a detailed map of the eye, allowing for precise and customized treatment tailored to each patient’s unique eye anatomy.

  2. Enhanced Safety: By using a laser for key steps of the cataract surgery procedure, the LENSAR ALLY system enhances safety by reducing the risk of complications compared to traditional manual techniques.

  3. Reduced Energy: The laser technology used in the LENSAR ALLY system requires less energy to break up the cataract, minimizing the stress on the eye and potentially leading to faster recovery times.

  4. Improved Visual Outcomes: The precise and customized treatment provided by the LENSAR ALLY laser can lead to improved visual outcomes, including sharper vision and reduced dependence on glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery.

  1. Minimized Astigmatism: The LENSAR ALLY laser can effectively treat astigmatism during cataract surgery, leading to clearer vision and reduced need for additional corrective procedures post-surgery.

  2. Patient Comfort: The non-invasive nature of the laser treatment and the reduced surgical time associated with the LENSAR ALLY system can contribute to greater patient comfort during and after the procedure.

  3. Fast Recovery: Patients undergoing cataract surgery with the LENSAR ALLY laser may experience faster recovery times compared to traditional surgery methods, allowing them to return to their normal activities sooner.

  4. Customization: The LENSAR ALLY system allows surgeons to customize the cataract treatment based on the specific characteristics of each patient’s eye, leading to optimized surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction