Charles C., Advanced Cataract Surgery with Toric Lens:  “My vision before surgery was slightly blurry. It caused me to keep clearing my eyes to see better.  Since surgery, I can enjoy reading and watching television clearly. I only need reading glasses to see up close. Dr. Kwiat did a fantastic job on my eyes. I have no discomfort or after effects from the surgery. The surgery was great. I would recommend Dr. Kwiat to my friends and family.” 

Gail M., Advanced Cataract Surgery with Crystalens:  “I knew that my vision was changing.  It was getting more difficult to distinguish certain numbers and letters (like 5 & 6, 8 & 9) because they blurred together. It limited my reading as well.  Since surgery I am able to read again with clearly seen letters and numbers. Colors are brighter.  Lighting appeared brighter the first night right after surgery. In my kitchen, it seemed like the light bulbs were new and stronger. It was a totally positive experience with everyone at Kwiat Eye.  I had many questions and they were all answered with courtesy and respect.  No question was too silly for them to answer.  I absolutely have recommended Dr. Kwiat to friends, relatives and co-workers. I have been so happy since having my cataract surgery."

Karen R., Advanced Cataract Surgery with Tecnis Multifocal:  “My vision was somewhat blurry and distorted due to cataracts. Once removed, vision was definitely much clearer in both eyes. It is wonderful to see everything so vividly, plus I do not need glasses since I chose the multifocal lens.  Dr. Kwiat and his staff were very accommodating, considerate and professional. He was very patient, kind and understanding of a specific medical condition of one of my eyes. Dr. Kwiat is excellent in is profession. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kwiat to friends and family and already have."

Maggie N., Advanced Cataract Surgery with Restor Multifocal: “I had trouble being fitted for contact lenses. It took three to four trips to the eye doctor to get them right every year. I also had a hard time driving at night. It was hard to see and headlights looked doubled or tripled. Since surgery I have great vision and good quality night vision. Plus, there is no more hassle to fit contacts. Dr. Kwiat is amazing. He is a super nice man, and a very talented and knowledgeable surgeon.  He has a great staff! They are very nice people, very helpful and make you feel welcome and well cared for! I will recommend Dr. Kwiat to friends and family and have done so already.”

Kelly D., Advanced Cataract Surgery with Toric Lens: “My vision was average. I could not drive at night, now I can. Since surgery my life is so different. I can wake up and see. I don’t need glasses even when I wake up at night it is so different since I had been wearing glasses for 45 years!  Dr. Kwiat and his staff are great. They treat you like family. I would
recommend Dr. Kwiat to my friends and family.”

Gary U., Advanced Cataract Surgery with Crystalens: “My eyes were cloudy. It limited me from seeing distance and colors.  Since surgery my vision is great. It is like the song, “I can see clearly now.”  Dr. Kwiat was very professional and very thorough. The staff was very nice and knew their jobs as well. I would recommend Dr. Kwiat to friends and family.”